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The image shows the Pexip Inifinity picture layout during a conference - all participants are listed on the left hand side - a chat window is located below. The participant currently speaking appears in the larger window with the other participants shown along the bottom of the screen and yourself in a picture-in-picture (PIP) at the top right corner. The Videoconferencing and Audio Visual Services (VAVS) team at James Cook University (JCU) is shown at various locations connected to the Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) using various devices to connect such as desktop PC, laptop, Jabbervideo, browser and videoconference enabled rooms.


Pexip Infinity is a scalable meeting platform which provides a Virtual Meeting Room solution to management, staff and colleges at JCU.

Clients include all standards-based endpoints (including those from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Sony, Huawei, Radvision and other vendors that use H.323, SIP, H.263, H.264 SVC, RTV, VP8 and RDP), as well as Lync 2010, 2013, and even Lync Online (Office 365).

Pexip Infinity is natively interoperable with Lync/Skype for Business (SfB) however interoperation is currently limited to inbound calls to JCU VMR from external (non-JCU domains) SfB.

Pexip Infinity closely integrates with WebRTC-supporting clients like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so that users without any other tool than their web browser can join the same meetings as everyone else.

For non-WebRTC supporting browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari, Pexip supports video conferencing though Flash-based video. Flash is already installed for most users, allowing them to enjoy video calls with no additional downloads as well.

Pexip Infinity enables all these technologies to connect in any combination and any configuration.

Please check out the connection guides for more information and in preparation for your Virtual Meeting Room experience.

Specs & requirements


  • Connections from 8 kbps per participant (G.729, audio-only), up to 6 Mbps per participant (will vary depending on the deployment environment, video resolutions, etc.).
    Check your internet connections here
    (Austr. Dept. of Communications)

Web browsers

  • Google Chrome version 27 and later (recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox version 20 and later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 10 and later (requires Flash Player 11 and later ActiveX® plug-in, and must not be in Compatibility View)
  • Apple Safari version 6 and later (Mac OS X only and requires Flash Player 11 and later plug-in)

Web cameras

  • The quality of the camera attached to the computer will have an effect on the quality of your video as seen by others in the Virtual Meeting Room - the better the camera, the better the quality. The number of processes/programs running on the computer will also have an effect on the video quality.

Desktop apps

  • Microsoft Windows 27 and later 
  • Mac OS X and later
  • Ubuntu Linux


  • Mobile Client for iOS
  • Mobile Client for Android

All specifications and requirements for Pexip Infinity can be found at the Pexip website

Virtual Meeting Room

A Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is a personal virtual meeting space that is always available for use. It can host any number of people from any type of device.

Each Virtual Meeting Room has one or more aliases associated with it. Participants access the Virtual Meeting Room by dialing any one of its aliases - this will route them all to the same conference.

Participants can access Virtual Meeting Rooms from any video endpoint, from a web browser or by using one of Pexip's Infinity Connect clients (desktop app and smartphones and tablets).

You can place a limit on the number of participants that can access a Virtual Meeting Room as well as protecting access by PINs and lock rooms if required.

Administrators manage Virtual Meeting Rooms from the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface. See a list of issued VMRs.

Request a virtual meeting room

There are four types of address formats for VMRs:

  1. Room based =
  2. Personal = (shorter aliases may be allowed)
  3. Role based =
  4. Activity, group or subject based =, etc.

Please fill out the online form to request a Pexip Infinity VMR

Secure access

To avoid breach of secrecy a Virtual Meeting Rooms can be

PIN options

  • no pin = all participants have host privileges
  • host pin = only host has to enter PIN when joining conference, all other participants have only guest privileges
  • host and guest pin = all participants have to enter the PIN relevant to their “status”; host or guest
Click on the PIN-protected and locked links above for more information.

Connection/user/training guides


Android Smartphones and tablets

iOS Smartphones and tablets

(Real-Time Communication)

Hints and samples

eMail invitation to join VMR by web link
Invites can be sent in the form of a web link. Say for instance you wanted Bob Johnson to join John Smith in his VMR by WebRTC (web browser), you can send Bob this link:

This will bring Bob Johnson straight into John Smith's VMR as a guest

eMail invitation to join desktop app VMR
For participants using the Pexip Desktop app, you can send them a link which gets them straight into the VMR

You will have to associate the Pexip Desktop App with this type of link for the automatic launch of Pexip desktop app to work.

For more information click on  Email to VMR end user sample