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Pexip Infinity for your Android smartphone & tablet

Click the link to view Pexip Infinity Connection Guide for Android devices (PDF, 782 KB) or follow the instructions below.

Download the Pexip Infinity app from Google Play and accept access to your phone.

access your phone

join a conference The app launches into this screen with two options

Change settings (see next row) by touching the cogwheel icon

Connect to a virtual meeting room (see two rows down)


Your name - enter yourname which will be shown to the other participants


No need to enter anything


Default domain - leave blank

Server address - leave blank

Bandwidth - set to maximum when on campus (may have to change when elsewhere depending on internet connection)


Tick boxes as required

joining a conference 

To join a VMR

Type in the VMR alias or URI

Touch the GO button

Touch the START button to accept the default microphone and camera

joined the conference 

Anders has joined the conference

Touch the minus sign on the image to remove the picture-in-picture of yourself

Touch the three horizontal lines to open the options menu (see next row)

Touch the i-icon for conference diagnostics

Touch the microphone icon to mute/unmute

Touch the video icon to mute/unmute

Touch the red/white handset button to disconnect

Touch the pdf icon to share pdf files and images

Touch the CHAT ROOM button to enter the chat room

action options 

Options menu

Add a new participant

Lock conference

Mute all guests

Disconnect all participants


Don't forget to disconnect from the VMR before leaving.

joined landscape