Pexip Infinity for your desktop pc or laptop


  • Microsoft Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS X and later
  • Ubuntu Linux

desktop app connected

Click to view Pexip Infinity Connection Guide for desktop/laptop (.pdf) or follow the instructions below.



  1. Run the client and click on the settings icon (cog wheel at the top right hand Pexip window)        
  2. Type in your preferred name under the Profile heading        
  3. Change the camera and microphone if required        
  4. Tick both boxes (Show camera...  Mute microphone...)        
  5. Set bandwidth to maximum when on campus and adjust to the available bandwidth when elsewhere        
  6. No need to fill in anything else in the settings window        
  7. Click the OK icon in the bottom right hand corner


Type the address in the 'Enter conference alias or URI' field and press the Enter key to connect.
The address can be a    

  • JCU VMR for example        
  • JabberVideo address for example        
  • Videoconference room for example        

Click the START button in the popup window to connect

The Pexip VMR screen explained    


There are two options for sharing content.    

  1. Click on the Share PDF icon to share pdf files and images (as a presentation)        
  2. Click on the Share Screen icon to share an application open on the desktop PC or laptop.