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Pexip Infinity for your iOS smartphone & tablet

Click the link to view Pexip Infinity Connection Guide for iOS devices (.pdf) or follow the guide below.

Download the Pexip Inifinity app from iTunes App Store.

Pexip iOS home Touch the words Connection Settings
iOS Pexip settings 

Domain - optional and can be left blank. When set to it means you don't have to type it in when joining another JCU VMR for example to join the Audio Visual VMR typing av is sufficient.

Username - leave blank

Password - leave blank

Display Name - Enter your preferred name - this will be shown to the other participants

Calendar - opens the phone/tablet privacy settings (no need to change)

Microphone - opens the phone/tablet privacy settings (no need to change)

Touch the word Done (top right corner)

Join a conference Enter the address of the VMR to join.

For example and touch the word JOIN
 This shows the iPhone screen when connected. From here you select to join by video or audio only.

Video participation - Touch the little camera icon

Audio only - Touch the little handset icon

The names of the other participants will be shown here.
join with video 

Anders has joined by video and audio

Touch the square with the up arrow, to share images from your phone with the other participants

Touch the three parallel lines to open the Conference Actions
(see next section)

Touch the red/white handset button to disconnect ffrom the conference

Conference actions 

Conference Actions

Show chat - opens up a chat window

Add a new participant - opens a window to add another participant

Lock conference - nobody else is can join

Mute all guests - a useful tool particularly when there are many participants and audio is interfering with the main speaker

Disconnect all participants - terminate

Cancel - close this window

Landscape optionsRotate the view to Landscape
Touch the camera icon to turn the camera around
Touch the speaker icon to increase the volume
Touch the microphone icon to mute it
Touch the handset icon to disconnect from the VMR
Touch the - sign to close the picture-in-picture
 Don't forget to disconnect from the VMR before leaving.