Join a Virtual Meeting Room from a Web Browser

also known as Web Real Time Communication or WebRTC

The following browsers support Pexip Infinity

  • Google Chrome (recommended by JCU) requires v.27 and later
  • Firefox requires v.20 and later
  • Internet Explorer requires v.10 and later (requires Flash Player 11 and later ActiveX plug-in, and must not be in Compatibility View)
  • Safari requires v.6 and later (Mac OS X only) (requires Flash Player 11 and later plug-in)

Each link will take you to a detailed browser specific pexip.com instruction file (.pdf) on how to use WebRTC

Quick Reference Guide for WebRTC by Videopro

Connection by Google Chrome Browser (Recommended)

1. Click on https://pexip.jcu.edu.au (or type it in) and press Enter

2. In the popup JCU Virtual Meeting Room window, type in the address of the Person or conference to call, in this example av@vmr.jcu.edu.au. Type in Your name which be will be shown to the other participants.
Pexip by browser

3. The connection is by default both video and audio - to change the default i.e. turn camera and/or microphone off, click on the handset/camera icon and change as required.

4. Click on CONNECT - a popup window asks
'Would you like to share your camera and microphone with pexip.jcu.edu.au'


If there are more than one camera and/or more than one microphone, make the necessary selections before clicking on 'Share Selected Devices'

5. Another popup is shown - click on the START button to join the Virtual Meeting Room

browser start pexip

6. You are now connected to the VMR

browser in vmr


Google Chrome: Desktop (requires plug-in), images and .pdf files

Other browsers: Images and .pdf files can be shared.