Join a Virtual Meeting Room from a Web Browser

also known as Web Real Time Communication or WebRTC

The following browsers support Pexip Infinity

  • Google Chrome (recommended by JCU) requires v.27 and later
  • Firefox requires v.20 and later
  • Internet Explorer requires v.10 and later (requires Flash Player 11 and later ActiveX plug-in, and must not be in Compatibility View)
  • Safari requires v.6 and later (Mac OS X only) (requires Flash Player 11 and later plug-in)

Each link will take you to a detailed browser specific pexip.com instruction file (.pdf) on how to use WebRTC

Quick Reference Guide for WebRTC by Videopro

Connection by Google Chrome Browser (Recommended)

1. Click on https://pexip.jcu.edu.au (or type it in) and press Enter

2. In the popup JCU Virtual Meeting Room window, type in the address of the Person or conference to call, in this example av@vmr.jcu.edu.au. Type in Your name which be will be shown to the other participants.
Pexip by browser

3. The connection is by default both video and audio - to change the default i.e. turn camera and/or microphone off, click on the handset/camera icon and change as required.

4. Click on CONNECT - a popup window asks
'Would you like to share your camera and microphone with pexip.jcu.edu.au'


If there are more than one camera and/or more than one microphone, make the necessary selections before clicking on 'Share Selected Devices'

5. Another popup is shown - click on the START button to join the Virtual Meeting Room

browser start pexip

6. You are now connected to the VMR

browser in vmr


Any open computer application, images and .pdf files can be shared.