VAVS Home 134-002 Show laptop

134-002 TP Show laptop

Move the mouse over tabs and buttons for descriptions; those commening with 'GOTO' can be clicked to simulate the touch panel action.

GOTO Volume control GOTO Turn the system off GOTO Show free to air television on the display GOTO Show the digital signage on the display Showing the laptop on the display No PC available here GOTO Show no input on the display

A 15-inch VGA, 3.5mm audio cable and an HDMI cable are provided to physically connect a laptop to the audio visual system. Some Mac users will need an Apple Mini Display Port to VGA adapter. The cables are available in a recessed compartment near the stage on the left hand side.

Click on laptops for more information.

To show the laptop on the large display, touch the Laptop button after physically connecting the laptop to the AV system.

If there is an audio component on your presentation, please make sure the laptop volume is turned up and not muted. To adjust the volume touch the Volume button on the bottom of the touch screen and slide the program volume left or right