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134-010 TP vc mode

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

134-010 touch panel simulator Touch to select right audience cameraTouch to select left audience cameraPresenter camera is selected - adjust if necessaryGOTO Mute all audio (beware)Camera controlsDisconnect a callGOTO Light controlsConnect a call manually (advanced use)Main Camera Control selectedGOTO Exit videoconferencing mode GOTO Far End camera control GOTO Advanced videoconference control GOTO Select media used for presentation GOTO Volume/audio control Camera preview window

Videoconference mode
VC Main Image - Presenter camera

In videoconference mode the system is capable of sending two concurrent streams to the far end:

  1. the presenter (video/audio of the presenter)
  2. the presentation (video/audio of the presentation)

The presenter

The presenter must be visible to the far end participants at all times, hence adjusting the presenter camera to the anticipated movements is important. Touch the Main Camera control tab to view and adjust the current camera angle by touching the on screen camera control buttons. A camera preview is shown on the touch panel.


If a large degree of movement away from the lectern is anticipated, one of the wireless microphones (hand held or lapel) must be used. It is also imperative the ceiling microphones are switched off during the presentation as otherwise any background noise from the audience will spoil the experience for the Far End rooms.

The presentation

Once the conference call has been connected, indicated by the far end room(s) or the word 'Recording' appearing on the right projector screen, the presentation can be added. Touch the VC Presentation tab and a media buttons. The presentation will be shown on the left projector screen behind you.