VAVS Home 134-102 TP preview pc

134-102 TP preview pc

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

Touch panel simulator Touch to preview the document camera on the preview monitor Touch and slide to adjust the audio component of the presentation (PC or laptop) GOTO Turn system off Touch to preview laptop on the preview monitor Previewing desktop PC on the preview monitor GOTO Preview the lecture capture camera GOTO Videoconferencing mode GOTO Select the left flat panel display for the presentation Touch to select right screen for the presentation Preview tab selected

Local presentation mode
Preview desktop PC

The desktop PC, laptop, document camera and lecture recording camera can be previewed on the touch panel prior to showing them on the flat panel display(s)n. This is a valuable feature for particularly the document camera and presenter as it enables adjusting the devices prior to showing them.

To preview a media source, touch the Preview tab and the button for the source to be previewed. The controls for some devices will be shown on the touch panel during the preview.