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134-102 TP videoconference mode

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

Touch panel simulator GOTO Adjust the selected camera pan, tilt and zoom settings Touch and slide the Main Volume button to adjust the audio component of the presentation Touch to mute the microphone in the room Touch to change the conference picture layout Showing picture-in-picture on the flat panel display of the current camera - touch to close selfview Touch to open conference directory Touch to connect a manual call GOTO Exit videoconference mode Touch and slide the VC volume button to adjust the volume of the far end participants Media for the presentation can only be selected after the conference call has been connected Touch to adjust the far end camera if supported Touch to select the audience camera The presenter/lecture recording camera is selected

Videoconference mode

In videoconference mode the system is capable of sending two concurrent streams to the far end:

  1. the presenter (video/audio of the presenter)
  2. the presentation (video/audio of the presentation)

The presenter

The presenter must be visible to the far end participants at all times, hence adjusting the presenter camera to the anticipated movements is important. Touch the Local Camera control button (presets, pan tilt and zoom) to change the camera settings. The current camera angle will be shown on the projector screen.

The presentation

The presentation can only be added after the videoconference call has been established. Hence, the Media presentation buttons (Computer, Laptop or Document Camera) are greyed out until the call has been connected.

A conference call can be manually connected by using the touching the Dial or Contacts button.

Volume Controls

  • VC Volume - touch and slide to adjust the volume of the audio from the far end(s)
  • Main Volume - touch and slide to adjust the audio component of the presentation


The room microphone can be muted for privacy purposes - please remember to unmute before the lecture starts.