VAVS Home 134-105 TP vc camera

134-105 TP vc camera

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

134-105 vc mode camera control GOTO Privacy muteTouch to disconnect a callTouch to make a manual callGOTO Volume controlGOTO Exit videoconference modeCamera controlsGOTO Advanced videoconference controlsGOTO Far end camera controlLocal camera control selectedGOTO Select media for the presentation

Videoconferencing mode
Local Camera Control

There are controls for a local camera and in some cases (if supported) the Far End camera i.e. the camera in the room to which you are connected.

From a presenter’s point of view, the local camera should be set to show all the participants in the room.  is an important device as it shows a view of the room for the audience in the room you are connected to. We suggest the camera angle be set to show all the participants in the room.

Touch the Local Camera Control tab and the on screen buttons to adjust zoom, pan and tilt.