VAVS Home 134-105 TP vc mode

134-105 TP vc mode

Touch panel simulator Touch to change conference picture layout Touch to toggle selfview Touch to mute/unmute ceiling microphone PTZ Video camera control buttons GOTO Volume control GOTO VC Control GOTO Show presentation VC Main image tab selected GOTO Exit video conference mode

Video conference mode

In video conference mode the system defaults to showing the camera controls on the touch panel, Touch the pan, tilt and zoom buttons to set camera angle to show all the participants in the room.

Conference calls are usually scheduled/connected by VAVS but can be manually connected by touching the VC Control tab.

Touch the VC Presentation tab and a media source button (laptop or wireless presenter) to show a presentation on the projector screen.

There three icons along the bottom of the touch panel

Mute - turn the microphone on/off

Selfview - on/off control showing the current camera angle on a small window on the projector screen

Layout - change the picture layout (far end and presentation) on the projector screen