VAVS Home 142-101B TP vc mode

142-101B TP vc mode

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description.

Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked to simulate touch panel action.

Touch panel simulator GOTO Adjust FarEnd camera (if supported) GOTO Adjust the volume GOTO Adjust the presenter camera and select media for a presentation Touch to view&connect to a room in the associated address book folder Address book folders Touch to show a virtual touch tone keypad Touch to show a virtual keyboard for dialling Touch to change conference picture layout Touch to mute microphone Touch to disconnect from a conference call Touch to videoconference to Zone 3 Touch to push videoconference to Zone 1 Videoconference control tab selected GOTO Exit videoconference mode Showing address book folders Touch to scroll through address book folders

Videoconference mode

1. Presenter Camera adjust

Touch the VC Presentation button to view&adjust the videoconference camera angle by using the on screen controls (pan, tilt and zoom) ensuring the presenter is visible at all times.

2. Show a presentation

Videoconference calls are usually scheduled by VAVS and will normally connect 5 minutes to the hour. Once the conference call has been connected, select the media to be shown by touching the corresponding media button. Touch the Layout button to change the image composition (camera and presentation).

3. Adjust the volume

Touch the Audio tab to adjust the microphone volume in the zone(s) and the playback volume of a PC/laptop presentation when it contains an audio component.

Touch the Far End Camera Control tab to make adjustments to the FarEnd camera (if supported)

Connect a conference call manually

By default the Address Book is open showing the available room folders

  1. Touch the Open button associated with the address book folder to view the rooms in the folder
  2. Locate the room, touch the Call button associated with the room to connect to it.

If the number to call is known, touch the Keyboard button, enter the number manually and touch the Call button to connect.

Occasionally a PIN needs to be entered. Touch the Touch Tones/Meeting PIN button and enter the required PIN and the # button to complete.