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142-110b vc mode

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description.

Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked to simulate touch panel action.

142-110B Touch panel simulator Touch to open the associated phone book folderPhone book folders GOTO Link the zones Touch to relocate camera pip Touch to relocate camera pip Touch to mute microphone Touch to disconnect from a conference Touch to open a virtual number pad for DTMF and PIN entries Touch to open a virtual keyboard for making manual connections GOTO Far end camera control (if supported) GOTO Exit videoconference mode Showing phone book folders GOTO Volume control GOTO Select the main video camera and media presentation sources VC Control tab selected

Videoconference mode

Please set the system in videoconference mode in preparation for the connection to the other location(s).


The two zones in the lab can be linked for AV purposes in a videoconference, by touching the Link Zone 1 button on the touch panel. The system is then operated from 142-110B only.


The camera at 142-110B is selected by default. Once the connection has been established, select a media source to be shown as the presentation by touching the VC Presentation tab and a media button.


Microphone and presentation source volume are adjusted by touching the Audio tab.

Far End Camera

The far end camera (if supported by the far end system) can be controlled by touching the Far End Camera Control tab.

Connecting conference calls

Videoconference calls are usually automated by VAVS. Manual conference calls can be made by opening  the phone book folders or by entering a number by touching the Keyboard button.

PIN numbers

If the entry of DTMF or PIN numbers are required, touch the Touch Tones/Meeting PIN button.

Mute microphone

If a videoconference presentation is received in the lab, please mute the microphone by touching the Mute button.


Touch the Layout button to controls the position of the Camera picture-in-picture shown on the preview monitor.