17-101 TP volume control

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Volume control panel

In local presentation mode, there are two volume controls on the panel.

Source Volume = the audio component on your presentation (Desktop PC, laptop, video and DVD) is adjusted by touching and sliding the blue bar up or down. Make sure the volume on the Desktop PC or laptop is turned up and not muted.

Microphone volume = the volume of your voice in the room. Touch and slide up and down to suit your voice.

Each of the volumes can be muted if required; each status is shown below for clarification.

not muted = not muted

muted = muted

Click the ‘Volume’ button to close the volume control.

17-101 touch panel simulatorTouch to mute the microphone in the room - currently unmutedTouch to mute the audio component of the presentation - currently unmutedTouch and slide up or down to adjust the microphone volume in the roomTouch and slide up or down to adjust the volukme of the audio component of the presentation (PC, laptop, video or DVD)Volume control selected - click to close the control

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