VAVS Home 17-131 TP system on

17-131 TP system on

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

17-131 System is on Touch and slide up or down to adjust the microphone volume in the roomGOTO Turn off the systemGOTO Show the VHS tape player on the projector screensGOTO Show an auxiliary device on the projector screensGOTO Show the DVD player on the projector screensGOTO Show the document camera on the projector screensGOTO Show the desktop PC on the projector screens

System is on

The Audio Visual system in this room consists of a touch panel for equipment control, two ceiling mounted projectors, desktop PC, combined DVD/VHS tape player, document camera and an input plate for auxiliary devices (RCA connectors for video and audio).

To show media on the projector screen, touch one of the media buttons on the touch screen. The projectors will take a few minutes to warm up before the image is shown.

Media presentation sources

The following media is available in this troom:

  • Desktop PC
  • Combined DVD/VHS player
  • Document camera


A VGA and 3.5mm audio cable is provided to connect a laptop to the AV system