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18-002A TP local to vc

Switch to videoconferencing mode

Videoconferencing mode is a pre-requisite for connecting to other rooms and for electronic recordings to a content server (does not affect Camtasia recordings).

Touch the Videoconference tab and the Enter videoconference mode button to proceed to videoconferencing mode. The videoconference system in this room does not support due video which means you can see the presenter or presentation and not both at the same time.

The system defaults to the VC Controls tab (for advanced users) on the touch panel and turns on projectors in readiness for the videoconference connection. Now is a good time to adjust the camera angle settings. Touch the Local Camera Control tab and pan, tilt and zoom as required. The videoconference call connection is usually scheduled by VAVS but calls can be connected manually by using the buttons on the VC Control tab functions.

Once the far end room(s) appears on the projector screens you can add a presentation (desktop PC, laptop or DVD/VHS player).

GOTO Light controlsGOTO Audio/volume controlGOTO Videoconference modeGOTO Blinds controlGOTO Light controlsGOTO Turn off systemVideoconference tab selected, touch the Enter Videoconference Mode button to continueGOTO Preview desktop PC on touch panelGOTO Show media on work group monitorsGOTO Show media on projector screens

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.