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18-002A TP vc control

Videoconferencing advanced controls

Upon entering videoconference mode the system defaults to VC Control. A table explaining the commonly used functions are shown below.

As the presenter you may need to adjust the camera angle settings. Touch the Local Camera Control tab and adjust pan, tilt and zoom as required.

For the benefit for the audience in the room(s) to which you are connected you need to make good use of the microphones in the room. If you are comfortable with standing at the podium, the fixed microphone on the lectern works well. However, if you prefer to walk around you will need to use the lapel microphone.

GOTO Show media on the work group table monitorsGOTO Mute all audioTouch to disconnect a videoconference callTouch to connect call manually after entering the number on the dial padTouch to view the codec top menu layerTouch to access conference layout optionsTouch to toggle a picture-in-picture window of current camera angle settingTouch to access phone book/directoryDial pad for manual videoconference call connectionGOTO Audio/volume controlGOTO Far end camera controlGOTO Local camera controlGOTO Blinds controlGOTO light controlsGOTO turn system offGOTO Select media for your conference call presentationVideoconference advanced controls selected

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

Connect a call manually by entering the IP address or URI

manual call button

Enter the number by touching the buttons on the number pad then press the call button

Connect a call manually from the phone book

phone book directory button

Touch the Directory button and navigate to the room you want to connect to by using the Arrow buttons and press the Call button.


selfview button

A picture-in-picture of the current camera view can be toggled on/off in the bottom right hand corner of the projector screen by touching the Selfview button


layout button

The conference layout can be changed to suit. Touch the Layout button and select from the on screen options.


top menu level button

Opens up the top menu level. Touch the Left arrow button to exit the menu.

Disconnect a call

disconnect button

To disconnect a videoconference call, touch the Hangup button – alternatively touch the Exit button and switch to Lecture mode