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18-002B TP vc document cam

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description.

Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked to simulate touch panel action.

Touch panel simulator GOTO Show laptop presentation GOTO Show desktop PC presentation Showing document camera presentation GOTO Show no presentation GOTO Mute microphone Touch to disconnect from a conference Touch to connect a conference call after manually entering the number GOTO Blinds control GOTO Room lighting control GOTO Exit videoconference mode GOTO Audio/volume control GOTO Adjust the far end camera (if supported) GOTO Select and adjust the local camera (presenter or audience) GOTO Advanced videoconference controls VC Presentation tab selected

Videoconferencing mode
Showing document camera presentation

In a videoconference, the view of the presenter and presentation are sent concurrently to the participating room(s).

In videoconferencing mode, the presentation can only be added after the videoconference call has been connected. The indication a call has been connected, is the appearance of the Far End room(s) on both projector screens.

To show a document camera presentation, touch the VC Presentation tab and the Document Camera button. If the presentation contains an audio component, ensure the PC volume is turned up and not muted.

Touch the Audio tab for information about the volume/audio control.