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26-001 A3-1 TP vc mode

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

Touch panel simulator Touch to select the television as the VC Main ImageTouch to select the document camera as the VC Main ImageTouch to select the wireless collaborator (ENZO) as the VC Main ImageTouch to select the laptop as the VC Main ImageTouch to select the desktop PC as the VC Main ImageCamera controlsTouch to select the audience camera as the VC Main ImageGOTO Room lighting controls Touch to change the conference layout Touch to show the current camera angle in a pip on the projector screen GOTO Mute microphone Touch to disconnect a conference callGOTO Videoconference audio controlsGOTO Videoconference controlsVideoconference Main Image tab selectedNo presentation media selectedGOTO Select media for the presentationTouch to answer an incoming conference callGOTO Exit videoconference mode

Videoconference mode
VC Main Image - Presenter camera

In videoconference mode the system is capable of sending two concurrent streams to the far end:

  1. the presenter (video/audio of the presenter)
  2. the presentation (video/audio of the presentation)

The presenter

The presenter must be visible to the far end participants at all times, hence adjusting the presenter camera to the anticipated movements is important. Touch the Camera controls (presets, pan tilt and zoom) to change the camera settings. The current camera angle will be shown on the touch panel

The presentation

Under normal circumstances you would as the presenter use the presenter camera as the main videoconference image (video stream) and select a media source from the VC presentation tab as the presentation image (video stream).