VAVS Home 301-007 AV System

301-007 AV System

AV system

The AV system is turned on by pressing the On button on the wall mounted button controller located immediately to the left of the exit door.

AV System Control

AV system control is by way of a 10inch touch pad, located on the equipment shelf at the front of the room below the flat panel displays.

Camera Control

Touch the Camera Icon located at the top right hand corner of the touch pad - touch the on screen buttons to change pan, tilt and zoom.

Volume Control

Touch the Volume up and Volume down buttons located towards the bottom right hand side of the touch pad to adjust the volume. The microphone can be muted by touching the Privacy Mute button on the touch pad ( bottom right hand side of the pad).

Other AV Equipment

The theater is further fitted with two wall mounted flat panel displays, all-in-1 desktop PC  and a wired microphone.

Show Desktop PC presentation

Touch the Show Presentation button

Show Laptop presentation

  1. Connect a laptop to the AV system using the provided HDMI cable.
  2. Ensure the laptop is set to duplicate/mirror its display
  3. Touch the Show Presentation button

Connect a conference call

Conference calls are usually scheduled by VAVS - to connect a call manually touch the Connect a conference button and enter the number to connect the call.