VAVS Home 5-001 TP system on

5-001 TP system on

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description.

Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked to simulate touch panel action.

Touch panel simulator GOTO Audio and volume control GOTO Preview the desktop PC on the touch panel Touch to select the right projector screen for the presentation Left projector screen selected for the presentation GOTO Show document camera/visualiser presentation GOTO Show  wireless collaborator presentation GOTO Show laptop presentation GOTO Show desktop PC presentation GOTO Theatre lighting control GOTO Turn the audio visual system off No media source selected

System is on

Power is applied to all the equipment and the AV system defaults to selecting the Left screen tab (left projector behind you when facing the audience) and No image (media) selected. Touch the media button corresponding to the presentation source to be used to show the presentation on the projector screen. The same presentation can be shown on the right screen by touching the Right Screen tab and the corresponding media button. The projectors work independently of each other, hence different sources can be shown concurrently.


  • A lectern microphone and two wireless microphones are available.
    The microphone volume is adjusted by touching the Audio tab and the Microphone Volume slider button.

Presentation sources

The following media sources are available:

Laptop cables

(Macbook users may need other adaptors to match these cables)

Ensure the laptop’s dual display is enabled (mirrored not extended).

If there is an audio component of the presentation, the audio must be routed to the same projector as where the presentation is shown.

Hearing assistance

A Williams IR hearing assistance system is available in this theatre.