VAVS Home d1-121 system on

d1-121 system on

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description.

Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked to simulate touch panel action.

D1-121 Touch panel simulator Microphone level meter Touch and slide to adjust the PC and laptop playback volume Touch and slide to adjust the microphone room reinforcement Main displays selected Showing nothing on the Main Displays GOTO Set up the Mediasite recording streams GOTO Turn off the AV system GOTO Show the anatomy feed GOTO Show the microscope GOTO Show the presenter camera GOTO Show the document camera GOTO Show a laptop GOTO Show the desktop PC

The AV system is on

The following equipment is fitted to the Microbiology/Physiology lab:

  • There is 1x 52inch and 8x 47 inch flat panel displays in the room referred to as the Main Displays
  • Desktop PC on the lectern
  • HDMI cable and adaptors (on the lectern) to connect a laptop to the AV system
  • Document camera on the lectern
  • Presenter camera ceiling mounted above the lectern
  • A microscope
  • 1x ceiling mounted button microphone located above the lectern
  • 2x wireless microphones and recharger on the lectern
  • 1x Mediasite hardware recording system with control button and status light

The AV system defaults to selecting the Main Display for a presentation with no media shown.