D1 Microbiology Lab system on

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Move the mouse over tabs and buttons for descriptions; those commencing with 'GOTO' can be clicked to simulate the touch panel action.

Microbiology Lab system on GOTO Volume controlGOTO Video sharingGOTO Show Exit systemGOTO Show Shared roomGOTO Show Auxiliary videoGOTO Show Camera 1GOTO Show laptop or doc cam GOTO Show PC Showing nothing

Upon turning the audio visual system on, the nine flat panel displays are powered on. The touch panel will default to showing no media. Select a presentation source by touching the PC, Laptop/DocCam, Camera 1 or Auxiliary Video button. When a laptop is connected to the AV system, it will be shown by touching the Laptop/DocCam button, otherwise the document camera will be shown.

Touch the Shared button to select and show live images from the Simujlation lab or the Clinical Master Chair on the flat panel displays.

The Lectern Camera video can also be shared with other areas of the dentistry - this option must be enabled by touching the Video Sharing button. A small green pilot light on the button indicates sharing is enabled.

The Camera is mounted above the lectern. The Auxiliary Video is any video device which connects to the AV system by the wall plate RCA receptors on the lectern