D1 SimLab Show camera

Move the mouse over tabs and buttons for descriptions; those commencing with 'GOTO' can be clicked to simulate the touch panel action.

SimLab Show lectern camera Touch to show live view oof Physio/Micro labVideo sharing is enabled Showing system video on student monitors GOTO Volume control GOTO Show student PC on student monitor GOTO Stop sharing video GOTO Exit system GOTO Show Live view of master chair GOTO Show auxiliary video GOTO Show document camera Showing lectern camera GOTO Show laptop GOTO Show desktop PC

Touch the Camera button to show the lectern camera on the flat panel monitors in the lab. Use the on screen controls to adjust the camera angle. When the Student Monitors show System video, the Local Input selected will be shown on the Student Monitors as well. To allow the Student Monitors to show Student PC Video, touch the Student PC VIdeo button.