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d3-063 tp vc show analog laptop

Move the mouse over tabs and buttons for descriptions; those commencing with 'GOTO' can be clicked to simulate the touch panel action.

Touch panel simulator GOTO Show digital (HDMI) laptop presentation GOTO Show document camera/visualiser presentation GOTO Show desktop PC presentation Touch and slide to adjust the video conference volume Touch to toggle microphone mute on/off Touch to change picture layout (camera vs presentation) Touch to toggle self view Touch to disconnect a conference call Touch to connect a conference call manually Touch to control pan tilt and zoom of far end camera Touch to control pan tilt and zoom of local camera Touch to select a camera preset Showing analog (VGA) laptop presentation GOTO Show no presentation Touch to select the audience camera Presenter camera selected GOTO Exit video conference mode

Video conference mode

Show Analog laptop (VGA)

The presentation can only be added after the conference call has been established, indicated by the far end room(s) appearing on the projector screen.

  1. Connect the VGA cable to the laptop
  2. Ensure the laptop is set to duplicate/mirror its output
  3. Touch the Laptop (Analog) button
  4. Ensure the laptop audio is turned up and not muted if the presentation contains an audio component (YouTube etc.).