d3-063 tp vc show digital laptop

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Move the mouse over tabs and buttons for descriptions; those commencing with 'GOTO' can be clicked to simulate the touch panel action.

GOTO Show no presentation GOTO Show desktop PC GOTO Show analog laptop (VGA) Showing digital laptop (HDMI) GOTO Show document camera Touch to increase PC or laptop volume Touch to decrease PC or laptop volume GOTO Mute PC or laptop audio PC and laptop volume level indicator Conference volume level indicator Touch to increase conference volume Touch to decrease conference volume GOTO Mute conference volume GOTO Exit system Content tab selected GOTO Camera control GOTO Videoconference controls GOTO Local presentation mode Videoconference mode

To show a laptop (HDMI) as the presentation, connect the HDMI cable to the laptop and touch the Guest  (HDMI) button.

Ensure the laptop audio is turned up and not muted if there is an audio component of the presentation and adjust the laptop volume by touching the Up and Down buttons.