VAVS Home E2-113 TP vc control call connected

E2-113 TP vc control call connected

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description.

Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked to simulate touch panel action.

Touch panel simulator Touch to disconnect from the conference Touch to activate numeric keypad GOTO View the far end on the touch panel Touch to change the conference layout Touch to show the current camera angle on a small window on the projector screen Touch to mute microphone GOTO Exit videoconference mode GOTO Audio/volume control GOTO Select media for the presentation VC Control tab selected Far end camera control if supported GOTO Select the VC Main Image (usually the presenter or audicence camera)

Videoconferencing mode
VC control - call connected

There are three sections of this control:

  1. Far End Camera control (not available in all rooms) - Control the camera settings of the connected room (Far End)
  2. Keypad - Connect another call
  3. Hang Up - Disconnect from a videoconference call

Touch to turn off the view of the far end roomPhone book/directory navigatorNumber pad for manual call entriesGOTO volume controlsTouch to show the same presentation on both projector screensTouch to turn off the view of the local roomGOTO privacy muteNot in useGOTO Exit videoconferencing modeTouch to insert, move and remove a picture in pictureTouch to view the setting of the current cameraMore advanced videoconference controlsGOTO Connect a call from the phone book/directoryTouch to Disconnect a callGOTO preview media in small touch panel windowGOTO Connect a call manuallyGOTO Camera controlVC controls selectedGOTO Select media for a presentationMore advancee controls - navigate using the arrows and OK button