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Extron 1520TP show kramer

GOTO Videoconference mode GOTO Volume control GOTO Show presenter camera as presentation GOTO Show audience camera as presentation Touch to select the right projector screen for a presentation Left projector screen selected for a presentation GOTO Turn off the AV system GOTO Show document camera presentation GOTO Show laptop presentation GOTO Show PC presentation GOTO Show nothing Showing wireless presenter interface

Show the Wireless presenter interface

A BYOD (laptop, tablet and smart phone) connects to the AV system through the wireless presenter interface. A connection to the University's Eduroam wireless system is a pre-requisite.

  1. Touch the Kramer VIA button to show the 'How to connect' instructions on the display system.
  2. Take note of the Room Name (IP address) and Code shown.
    For further information, a Knowledge Base Article is available at Connect BYOD.