VAVS Home Extron 1520TP system on

Extron 1520TP system on

GOTO Videoconference mode GOTO Volume control GOTO Show presenter camera as presentation GOTO Show audience camera as presentation Touch to select the right projector screen for a presentation Left projector screen selected for a presentation GOTO Turn off the AV system GOTO wireless presenter interface GOTO Show document camera presentation GOTO Show laptop presentation GOTO Show PC presentation Showing nothing

System is on

The Audio Visual control systems in the following rooms in Cairns and Townsville are identical and controlled from a touch panel on the lectern:

  • Cairns rooms A1-014, A1-126, A4-004, A4-016, A4-026, B1-124, D1-001A, D1-001B, D3-059, D3-144, D3-149, E1-113 and E2-003
  • Townsville rooms 14-006, 14-201, 15-014, 110-002 .

Equipment fitted

  • Ceiling mounted projector or large flat panel display for showing presentations
  • All-in-one PC
  • Document camera
  • Wireless interface device allowing the connection of a BYOD to the AV system
  • HDMI cable with adaptors is available for the connection of a laptop to the AV system.