TCBD 306 TP system on

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TCBD 306 System is on GOTO Turn off the system GOTO Volume/sound control GOTO Turn on the work group monitors GOTO Preview the presenter'c PC on the touch panel Touch to select the right projector for a presentation GOTO Show a student laptop on the projector screen GOTO Show the wireless collaborator on the projector screen GOTO Show the presenter's laptop on the projector screen Presentation source not selected GOTO Show the presenter's PC on the projector screen Left projector selected for showing a presentation

System is on

The AV system in this space consists of

  • A touch panel at the presenter’s desk

  • An all-in-one desktop PC and cables to connect a laptop at the presenter’s desk

  • 2 ceiling mounted projectors

  • 8 group tables or pods each fitted with a 42” work group monitor, AV button control, cables to connect a laptop and a Kramer Via Connect Pro wireless collaboration device

A lecturer’s computer or laptop presentation can be pushed from the lecturer’s desk to the projectors and the work group monitors at each pod. Likewise, the wireless collaborator and a student’s laptop connected at a pod, can also be pushed to the projectors and the work group monitors. Any of the presentation sources can be previewed on the touch panel if required, prior to pushing content to the projectors and work group monitors.

The work group monitors content can be controlled from the touch panel, either allowing each monitor to select its own content at the pod control or the presenter pushing content to them.