TCBD 406 TP vc mode

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

TCBD Moot Court Touch Panel When typing on the keyboard, directory results will be shown hereDirectory scroll controlsGOTO Mute the microphones in the roomTouch to connect an incoming videoconference callTouch to disconnect from the videoconferenceTouch to change the monitor layout of the participants and presentationGOTO Adjust the camera settings (pan, tilt and zoom)GOTO Shut down the AV systemKeyboard for manual entry of conference diallingTouch and slide to adjust the volume of the audio component (computer or any of the laptops) of the presentationTouch and slide to adjust the volume of the far end room participantsShowing the current camera/camera angle on the wall mounted flat panel display - touch to close camera previewGOTO Show the left council laptop as the presentationGOTO Show the bench laptop as the presentationGOTO Show the clerk's computer (PC) as the presentationGOTO Show the clerk's laptop as the presentationShowing no presentationTouch to select the wall mounted camera to the right for the videoconferenceGOTO Show the right council laptop as a presentationThe wall mounted camera to the left has been selected for the videoconference

Videoconference calls are usually scheduled by Videoconferencing and Audio Visual Services at JCU.

Calls can be connected manually by entering the number via the virtual keyboard on the touch panel. When typing you will see entries in the directory matching the sequence you have entered so far on the keyboard. Touch the number/person to which you wish to establish contact with in a conference and touch the Call button to make the call.

To end a call touch the Hangup button.