TCBD 406 TP vc mode

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

TCBD 406 Touch panel simulator Touch to relocate the camera preview window Touch to view the current camera angle in a small window on the wall monitors GOTO Mute microphones Touch to disconnect the conference call Touch to connect a conference call from the phone book GOTO Connect a conference call manually Touch and slide to adjust the volume of the presentation media source Touch and slide to adjust the videoconference volume Touch to recall a preset; touch and hold to store a preset Touch and slide to adjust the speed of change for pan and tilt control Touch to adjust the far end camera view (when available) Touch to adjust the camera (left or right) view Showing no presentation Touch to select the right camera Left camera selected GOTO Show the right council laptop presentation GOTO Show the left council laptop presentation GOTO Show the bench laptop presentation GOTO Show the clerk's laptop presentation GOTO Show the clerk's PC presentation GOTO Turn off the system

Videoconference mode

When entering videoconference mode, select the camera to be used (left or right), touch the Selfview button to view the current camera angle. A picture-in-picture will appear on the wall mounted monitors. Adjust the camera angle using the on screen Local Camera Control buttons to ensure all the participants in the room are visible.Touch the Selfview button again when the camera is set to close the picture-in-picture. Some systems allow for the operation of the camera in the room to which you are connected – the Far End Camera Control buttons are used for this purpose.

Videoconference calls

Videoconference calls are usually scheduled by VAVS - calls can also be connected manually.

Show Presentation

Once the call is connected, add a presentation - Clerk's PC, Clerks Laptop, Bench laptop, Left Council laptop or Right Councikl laptop.

Volume controls

  • Main Volume (horizontal bar along the bottom) – volume of the sound of the laptop if there is an audio component of the presentation.
  • VC Volume (vertical bar on the left)  – volume of the sound coming from the room(s) to which you are connected.