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TCBD 407 show laptop1

Hover the mouse over the tabs and buttons for a description. Tabs and buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked for more information.

TCBD 407 Touch panel simulator Touch to show digital laptop connected at position 4 with HDMI cable Touch to show digital laptop connected at position 3 with HDMI cable Touch and slide to adjust laptop volume in the boardroom Touch to combine the laptop sound with the laptop images on the right monitor The laptop sound is combined with the laptop images on the left monitor Touch to select the right monitor for a laptop presentation Left monitor selected for a laptop presentation GOTO Room lighting control GOTO Turn system off Touch to show digital laptop connected at position 2 with HDMI cable GOTO Show no presentation Showing a digital laptop connected by HDMI cable at position 1 on the left monitor

Local presentation mode
Show laptop1 presentation

Connect the laptop using the HDMI cable located in well 1 (closest to the touch panel). Macbook users may need an Apple MiniDisplay port to HDMI adaptor.

Set the laptop to duplicate its display and touch the Left Monitor tab and the Laptop 1 HDMI button to show the laptop on the left flat panel display. Ensure the laptop audio is turned up and not muted if the presentation contains an audio component.

The audio needs to be routed to the same flat panel display as where the laptop is shown. Touch the Sound to Follow Left Monitor button.  Adjust the presentation volume by touching and sliding the Volume button left or right on the touch panel.

The flat panel displays work independently of each other; hence they can show different media sources at the same time.