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All JCU and associated video conference rooms


College of Medicine & Dentistry

Lecture Room | The Whitehouse Atherton



Meeting Room Level 6 | 349 Queen Street Brisbane

Cairns (Smithfield, CBD, Cairns Base Hospital)


College of Medicine & Dentistry


Cairns CBD

  • CCC-103 Collaborative
  • CCC-111 Boardroom/Moot Court

Cairns Base Hospital

  • CBH 4-005 (Cairns Base Hospital)
  • CBH 4-010 (Cairns Base Hospital)

Smithfield Dentistry

  • D1-225

Cairns CBD

  • CCC-303 Meeting Room (GMT)

AITHM Boardroom E5-101
ATSI Centre A21-004
AV Cairns B1-109
Chancellery A1-201A
Director Cairns Institute D3-005
DVC GS&E A1-203A
GS&E Boardroom A1-204
LTSE B01-105 (ZR)
LTSE Meeting Room B1-115A
Network Office B1-116
Pam Stronach A2-236
QTHA E4-104
Student Association
Student Centre A1-007
Vice Chancellor A1-202



CL001-001 Lecture Room 1
CL001-002 Lecture Room 2

Hervey Bay




Lecture Room 1
Meeting Room
Sim Lab


College of Medicine & Dentistry


MBH-001 Tutorial 1&2
MBH-004 Tutorial 3&4
MBH-005 Meeting Room
MMH-001 Mater Lecture 1
MMH-003 Mater Lecture 3


College of Medicine & Dentistry

GMT - off line

Mount Isa

MICRRH Rural Health

Main Office Building

  • MI001-002 West Boardroom (ZR)
  • MI001-003 CESU GP Consult (Tandberg 990MXP)
  • MI001-004 Lecture Room 2 (Cisco SX80)
  • MI001-005 Lecture Room 1 (Tandberg 990MXP)
  • MI001-008 CESU Debrief room (Cisco SX20)


  • MI002-001 Yacca Tutorial 1 (ZR)

Tarabada House

  • MI008-001 Tarabada 1 (Cisco SX80)
  • MI008-002 Lecture Room 2 (Tandberg 990MXP)
  • MI008-003 Tarabada Lecture Room 3 (Tandberg 990MXP)

Community Rehab building

  • MI017-001 Tjirtamai Hall (Cisco SX80)

Room configuration details

Orpheus Island


Research Institute


College of Medicine & Dentistry




A1-01 Conference Room
A3-01 Boardroom
A3-02 Corporate
C1-08 Library (ZR)
C2-01 Campus Dean (ZR)
C4-14 Lecture Theatre

Campus Dean Office
DVC Meeting Room
DVS Singapore
Vice Chancellor Office

Thursday Island

College of Medicine & Dentistry

Forum TI004-101 (AITHM)

Townsville (Douglas, CBD, The Townsville Hospital)


College of Medicine & Dentistry


Douglas Campus Rooms

Townsville City Campus

  • TCBD 406 - Moot Court
  • TCBD 407 - Boardroom

Douglas Campus

  • 039-201 (ZR)
  • 039-252 DTHM Boardroom
  • 042-104 ABC (ZR)
  • 046-009
  • 046-121
  • 047-003A
  • 47-115 QTHA (ZR)
  • 48-204 AITHM
  • 48-017 AITHM
  • 48-018 AITHM
  • 48-019 AITHM
  • 48-020 AITHM
  • 48-021 AITHM
  • 48-202 AITHM Boardroom
  • 500-113 CPB JCU Health

Mater Hospital

  • Lecture room

Townsville Uni Hospital

  • TTH 102
  • TTH 103

ARC 19-106
ARC 32-114 (ZR)
Chief of Staff 1-323A
COS 1-315
Council Chamber 1-330
Director Student Services 
DVC DTES 4-251
DVC GS&E 27-330 
DVC Services & Resources
DVC Students 1-120
Graduate Research School 17-151 (ZR)

JCI Global Lounge 8-001 
JCUSA Conference Room 
LIS 18-022
LTSE 18-053 (ZR)
LTSE 18-208A (ZR) 

Nursing 25-236 (ZR)
Occ Therapy 43-027
Provost 1-116
Provost Meeting Room 1-117
SAAS 29-103 
Student Center 134-011A 
Trop Vet Science 97-106
TVL RI Admin
TSD Meeting Room 17-144 (ZR)
TSD Meeting Room 34-101 (ZR)
TSD Meeting Room 34-113 (ZR)
TSD Network Office 17-125 (ZR)

TSD Projects
Uni Services 18-208C 
Vice Chancellor 1-327

ZR = ZoomRoom

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