Zoom Room

A Zoom Room is a software based video conference system installed in a physical space, suitable for meetings with 2 to 16 participants.

Zoom Rooms cannot be scheduled by VASV to connect automatically - the onus for the Zoom connections rests with the room user.

Zoom Room control/solutions requiring micro PC

  • Crestron Mercury - speaker and microphone in-built;
    required extras: camera, display system
  • AMX touch panel, -
    required extras: camera, speakers (optional), microphone, display system
  • Logitech Tap - provided as a kit including camera (Rally or MeetUp), microphone, soundbar and PC
    required extras: display system
    optional extras: 2nd microphone, hubs, mounts (tap controller and PC), Logitech strong USB (10 and 25m)
  • Polycom Trio -
    required extras: camera, display system
  • Android tablet -
    required extras: camera, speakers, microphone, display system
  • iPad -
    required extras: camera, speakers, microphone, display system

The inbuilt speakers in many TVs generally reproduces sound quite poorly and are not recommended. ZoomRoom kits often offer a soundbar with a video camera inbuilt rather than speaker and camera separately.

Zoom Room control/solutions requiring no micro PC

Zoom Room recommended hardware


Discussions to add calendars for scheduling are currently being held. In the meantime, Zoom Rooms cannot be scheduled to connect automatically to a Zoom hosted event, however you can:

  • join a Zoom meeting from the Zoom Room client (Win and iOS)
  • invite a Zoom Room manually to a meeting in progress from the Zoom control
  • connect a traditional video conference room hardware codec (H.323 or SIP) by the 'Invite a Room System' Dial Out option from the Zoom control

Zoom Rooms

*) Italics/Bold = Office 365 integration

  • CNS-B01-105  LTSE
  • CNS-B01-115D Dean LTSE
  • CNS-B01-116 ICTIS Office
  • SIN-A03-002  COO
  • SIN-C01-008  LIB
  • TSV-017-125  ICTIS Office
  • TSV-017-125A ICTIS Meeting Room
  • TSV-017-127 TSD Meeting Room
  • TSV-017-142  Director ICT
  • TSV-017-144 TSD Meeting Room
  • TSV-018-053  LTSE
  • TSV-025-236 Boardroom
  • TSV-28-212A Meeing Room
  • TSV-032-114 ARC CoralCOE
  • TSV-034-101 TSD Meeting Room
  • TSV-034-113 TSD Meeting Room
  • TSV-046-001  Medicine
  • TSV-047-115  MedResearch
  • TSV-057-101D Estate Fishbowl
  • TSV-MED-ZoomMobile
  • TSV-MED-Test ZR

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