Zoom Room

A Zoom Room is a software based video conference system installed in a physical space, suitable for meetings with up to 8-14 participants.

A micro PC is running the Zoom Room application which can be controlled from an iPad.The PC and iPad (logged into the wireless JCU-guest account) are connected to the same VLAN. Discussions to add calendars for scheduling are currently being held. In the meantime, Zoom Room meetings cannot be scheduled to connect automatically to a Zoom hosted event, however you can:

  • join a Zoom meeting from the Zoom Room client (Win and iOS)
  • invite a Zoom Room manually to a meeting in progress from the Zoom control
    Available Zoom Rooms:
    Cairns: LTSE, Dean LTSE, ICTIS
    Singapore: ICT, LIB
    Townsville: Director ICT, ICTIS, LTSE, Dean LTSE, MED, MedResearch
  • connect a traditional video conference room hardware codec (H.323 or SIP) by the 'Invite a Room System' Dial Out option from the Zoom control

JCU Zoom Room 8-14 participants Equipment Standard

Required equipment

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