Zoom Room

A Zoom Room is a software based video conference system installed in a physical space, suitable for small meetings with up to 6-8 participants.

Zoom Rooms cannot be automatically connected to a scheduled video conference. There are however provisions for the host to add a Zoom Room manually to a meeting. Alternatively, the participants in the Zoom Room can manually join the meeting using the Zoom client on the NUC.

Bare minimum requirement

The bare minimum equipment hardware requirement (with very rough minimum cost estimates) for a small Zoom Room are:

  • Large flat panel display (55inch or larger) using the inbuilt speakers - from $1,500
  • NUC (small PC) running Zoom client - from $300
  • HD Web Camera (USB) - from $150
  • USB Microphone - from $100
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse - from $50

Scaled up from bare minimum

Scaling up from the bare minimum model to suite larger meeting rooms (8-16 participants), add a control system (iPad, Crestron Mercury or similar) with provisions for additional microphones and, external speakers etc.,

  • Twin Display system (2 large flat panel displays)
  • Control system (iPad, Android tablet or Crestron Mercury)
  • PC (NUC or similar)
  • HD camera
  • Additional Microphones
  • Powered External Speakers

Some control systems are fitted with an inbuilt microphone (and provisions to add external mics) and speakers.

Other software systems used for collaboration by staff and students