General information

Zoom, one of many virtual meeting room (VMR) in the cloud video conferencing system, was launched in March 2018. Zoom is available to all staff and students at JCU. Zoom software runs on the in house GATCF PCs and on your PC/Mac/tablet/smartphone from which instant meetings can be launched. Zoom meetings are scheduled and invitations sent out directly from Outlook.

Automated Zoom connections

Zoom meetings are automatically connected by VAVS in centrally bookable video conference enabled rooms . In AV rooms without video conference equipment, the participant(s) is advised to use the in house all-in-one Dell PC or a laptop, to connect to Zoom. Please note the quality of the inbuilt video camera and microphone in the PCs, are not comparable to said equipment in video conference and zoom rooms.

Booking a video conference room(s) and Zoom

A. Book the videoconference via WRB:
  1. Suitability: select LE-VDCNFRNC
  2. Capacity: Set the minimum capacity required. To view the room options, click on View Filtered Rooms
  3. Campus: do not select a campus, leave as dotted line ----
  4. Select the date
  5. Select the duration
  6. From the options displayed on the next page, select (tick) a Cairns or Townsville common room (or both locations if required)
  7. To confirm your booking details, please fill in the requested fields
  8. Booking Type: select Video Conferencing from the drop down list
  9. Video Conference Type: select Videoconference from the drop down list
  10. External Connection Details: In this field type e.g. “Zoom link required, details to be advised”
B. Book the Zoom meeting:
  1. Wait to receive a confirmation email from Timetabling confirming the room booking.
  2. Schedule an event in Outlook and Click Schedule a Meeting - Zoom
  3. Choose meeting settings and click Continue. This will automatically insert the Zoom meeting information into the notes section. Do NOT edit the invite before sending.
  4. Add a recurrence for the event (if required) and add location and other information as required.
  5. Add the Booking Reference Number (Host Key) into the event Notes and/or the rooms booked into the Location field.
  6. Invite event participants and include videoconferencing@jcu.edu.au
  7. Sent invite.
  8. Please forward any changes made to an existing Zoom meeting to videoconferencing@jcu.edu.au

The VAVS technicians will automate the connection between the video conference equipment and the Zoom meeting ID.

Zoom Room

Zoom Assistance at JCU