with live 3D content in an immersive environment

Whether you’re a researcher, teacher, student, or an external organisation, see what you’ve been missing with the eResearch Centre’s Vislab.

The Vislab features professional-grade 3D projection, high-performance computing, and adjustable lecture-style seating. The 4-metre 3D screen shows photography, videos, 3D models, medical imaging and more in crystal-clear high-definition.

The space is fully wired for multimedia, with 5.1 surround sound, support for 3D and 2D Blu-ray and DVD discs, and live HDTV (in either 2D or 2D-to-3D). Most stereo 3D applications will work automatically as we support 3D industry standards (NVIDIA 3D Vision & OpenGL Quad-Buffered Stereo).


the Vislab today

The eResearch Centre runs regular demonstrations to show you how you can use the Vislab in your teaching or research.  Get in touch with us to learn when our next demo session is on.

You can use the Vislab for standard meetings, presentations, events showing live TV or those that need a quiet meeting space -- it's not just for 3D.