Vislab: Initiatives

Vislab Initiatives

We're here to help you reimagine your teaching and research in the Vislab and can help you get started.  We'll look at the best way your specialist applications or datasets can work in 3D.   If you’d like to know more about the Vislab, please get in touch.

Photography of the Daintree Canopy Crane, overlooking Cape Tribulation. See high-resolution 3D versions in the Vislab!

The Vislab is gaining interest across all disciplines. Some of the initiatives include the following:

  • Interactive demonstrations to student groups: we hold regular demonstration sessions to showcase the space, including demonstrating student-created content from the Education, Creative Arts and Urban Planning disciplines.
  • Learning about stereoscopic vision: students from Creative Arts explored how humans perceive vision, a history of stereoscopic content, and learned the fundamentals of creating 3D multimedia. The results from just weeks of work are amazing; come and visit the Vislab to discover it for yourself.
  • Rainforest research: visitors can be transported to the Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland with the array of high-definition 3D videos and 3D photography captured at the Daintree Rainforest Observatory (DRO).
  • Industry partner sessions: the Economic Geology Research Centre (EGRU) are regular users of the Vislab for presentations around geological modelling.
  • Visualising research data: the Vislab excels at displaying and interacting with large datasets in real time. We've showcased reef bathymetry modelling, architecture models from around the world, and datasets from governments, NASA, and more.
  • Discussing the applications: the Teaching & Learning Academy's Learning Spaces Special Interest Group (SIG) held a session in the Vislab in August 2014 where staff were able to explore    a variety of 3D applications and discussed possible practical applications in research, learning, and teaching.
  • Even more uses: we'd love to help you use the Vislab in your work. Explore our Vislab User Guide online.

Come and experience the space for yourself. Bring your students and colleagues and discover how to integrate visualisation into your teaching, research and study.

Visit the Vislab. We can't wait to see how you use the space!