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Telling New Stories in Tourism

Stories have the power to shape our perspectives. They can engage our emotions and inspire us to take action. Storytelling has always been at the heart of tourism — in things like guided tours or historical and cultural presentations — but for the most part, tourism managers and researchers haven't paid it much attention.

If more people know about Magnetic Island from Netflix’s Izzy’s Koala World than from any traditional tourism marketing campaign, shouldn't we be focusing on creating storytelling content that emotionally resonates with travellers? Do tourism destinations want pretty influencers or good social media storytellers?

Join JCU’s Professor Gianna Moscardo as she discusses the importance of stories in destination development and branding and the need to move beyond storytelling to story co-creation in destination tourism practice.

Tape Decks to TikTok: How can Gen X educators teach Millennial and Gen Z brains?

PowerPoint may have been cool in 1997, but an entirely new educational approach is needed for a generation that has never known life without a smartphone. The technology gap between Gen X and those who belong to the Millennial and Gen Z generations is the equivalent to computers that were once the size of a car are now able to fit in your hand and follow your every waking moment.

Join Dr Anthony Marinac on a journey through the generations as he discusses how those of us who once played Pac-Man and Space Invaders can connect with and teach students who live their lives online.

Adopting technology: How women play a critical role in agriculture

Farming is ‘man’s work’ – or is it? The Internet of Things (IoT) is heralding a much-anticipated era of agriculture where adopting ag-tech will be critical to creating agricultural management efficiencies. With increasing demands for Australian beef and a shortage of rural workers, farmers are turning to on-farm technology to help manage livestock, crops and horticulture to boost productivity. While both men and women farm, it is women who are driving the technology from the farmhouse to the paddock, meaning women are playing a larger role in decision making in agri-business. As empowering as this shift in leadership is, the battle for equality is far from won. While men are adopting technology faster than ever before, women are primarily responsible for the purchase, installation and maintenance of adopted technologies, creating more responsibility for farming women.

Gain a fresh perspective with JCU’s Dr Rachel Hay into how Australian women are pivoting to embrace tech-based beef production practices. In this webinar, you’ll explore the engagement of women and technology in agriculture, especially the importance of rural women’s roles in managing technology and the valuable skills they bring to decision-making in management and leadership.

How to tackle conflict in the workplace

Take control of your business and save your organisation time, energy and money by turning conflict into opportunity.

Conflict management and resolution skills are essential in supporting innovation and creating highly engaged and productive workforces. With organisations now operating in an environment of unprecedented complexity with globalisation, sustainability, technological advancement, automation and increased workplace diversity all key influencing factors, this is a webinar which you can’t afford to miss.

Join the JCU Conflict Management and Resolution team for a panel discussion with conflict management practitioners, leaders, and managers on how conflict management skills, knowledge, and practice can contribute to tackling workplace challenges.

Featured Panellists:

  • Claire Holland - Senior Lecturer and Director of the Conflict Management and Resolution Program, JCU College of Business, Law & Governance
  • Peter Raffles - Principal, Conflict Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Tina Hoyer - Senior Lawyer, Australian Taxation Office

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