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JCU Alumni Webinar

Wednesday 23 September | 7pm (AEST)

Conversations with Alumni Series: Adapting to Life with Artificial Intelligence and IoT

Throughout this session, panellists will explore how societies and individuals can adapt to a rapidly-changing human experience increasingly living alongside and amongst forms of artificial intelligence.

The age of artificial intelligence is one of the most punctuating moments in history which we all get to witness first-hand so we hope you will join us as our panelists provide fascinating insight into how our species will navigate this mesmerising chapter of the human narrative.

Featured Panellists:
  • Bill Tweddell, Chancellor, JCU
  • Professor Ian Atkinson, Director, eResearch, JCU
  • Andrea Della Mattea, Microsoft, President, Asia-Pacific
  • Jack Growden, JCU Alumni Relations

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Thursday 24 September | 1pm (AEST)

JCU Ideas Lab Fireside Chat: Kelvin Ross, Director, Queensland AI Hub

The JCU Ideas Lab Fireside Chat is a regular series from JCU Connect of informal Q&A sessions. Guests are from the local entrepreneurship community, global experts from the national and international innovation, technical research, and entrepreneurship sectors.

In this discussion and audience Q&A, Keith Sue, Innovation Facilitator, JCU Ideas Lab, sits down with Kelvin Ross, Director, Queensland AI Hub.

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JCU Connect

How to protect your home ahead of cyclone season

Thursday 24 September | 7pm (AEST)

How to protect your home ahead of cyclone season

As the cyclone season approaches, a timely reminder to prepare is almost cliché. There is more you can do to prepare for a cyclone than putting away the patio furniture and stocking up on canned food. Hear from JCU Cyclone Testing Station experts on building resilience, as well as advice on how you can prepare your own cyclone check list.

Find out if you are eligible for a fully government funded NQ Strata Title Inspection report that estimates the resilience of your residential strata property and recommendations on how it can be improved.

Improving the resilience of your home to wind, rain and storm tide may be cheaper and easier than you think!

Featured Panellists:
  • Dr Geoff Boughton, Senior Research Engineer, Associate Professor, JCU Cyclone Testing Station
  • Patrick Driscoll, Program Manager, Strata Title Inspection Program, JCU Cyclone Testing Station
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Thursday 8 October | 7pm (AEST)

Finding Balance at the Edge of Chaos

What are the pressures that push teams towards the accident zone? What are the resilience traits that keep us at the ‘edge of chaos’? What does this mean for the development of skills and intelligence in complex work environments?

In complex organisations, hovering around this edge of chaos is all about equilibrium. Too much tension or stress and we can be pushed into the ‘accident zone’ where we lose control over the outcomes of our work. Not enough tension and we can quickly disengage. This session will take participants on a fast-paced journey through some of the latest thinking on resilience, chaos, complexity, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

Hear from JCU experts, Ben Freedman and Claire Holland, as they speak about how we can optimise our work and engage our best thinking when we are working in the space between order and chaos.

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JCU Webinar Series

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Wednesday 12 August  | 7pm (AEST)

Ep 2 - Conversations with Alumni Series: Bridging Rising Global Inequalities

Throughout this webinar our panellists will examine the current state of the world through the lens of the concerning trend of rising inequalities between nations and between individuals across practically every aspect of human development.

Featured Panellists:
  • Professor Sandra Harding AO, Vice-Chancellor and President, James Cook University
  • Professor David Hulme OBE, Professor of Development Studies, Global Development Institute
  • Dr Rose Evaster-Aderolili, Former Chief of Social Development Program, UNECA
  • Jack Growden, JCU Alumni Relations

Developing resilient tourism post COVID-19

Tourism plays an important part in the Queensland economy. As we look to the future, how can we make travel more resilient?

Join JCU Tourism experts Dr Laurie Murphy and Dr Denis Tolkach to discuss how we can develop a resilient tourism sector. Discover how we can contribute to community wellbeing and address current challenges while maintaining a long-term outlook. Topics will also include the responsible use and conservation of resources and how to build capacity to adapt to change.

Featured Panellist:
  • Dr Denis Tolkach, Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Hospitality Management, James Cook University.
  • Dr Laurie Murphy, Associate Professor, Discipline of Tourism, Event and Sport Management, James Cook University.
Wednesday 8 July  | 7pm (AEST)

Ep 1 - Conversations with Alumni Series: Leadership, Diplomacy and Compassion in a Restless World

Throughout this half-hour session, we will be exploring the current state of the world and how leadership, diplomacy and compassion will be vital in emerging from the difficult times we find ourselves in at present. Responses to COVID-19, rising geopolitical tensions and social unrest have differed immensely and during this session, our alumni panel will discuss examples of both sound and substandard leadership during recent crises.

Featured Panellists:
  • Bill Tweddell, Chancellor, James Cook University
  • Julie-Ann Guivarra, Ambassador for Gender Equality at Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
  • Winsome Denyer, Producer & Researcher at ABC, Australian Story
  • Jack Growden, JCU Alumni Relations

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