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Tape Decks to TikTok: How can Gen X educators teach Millennial and Gen Z brains?

PowerPoint may have been cool in 1997, but an entirely new educational approach is needed for a generation that has never known life without a smartphone. The technology gap between Gen X and those who belong to the Millennial and Gen Z generations is the equivalent to computers that were once the size of a car are now able to fit in your hand and follow your every waking moment.

Join Dr Anthony Marinac on a journey through the generations as he discusses how those of us who once played Pac-Man and Space Invaders can connect with and teach students who live their lives online.

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Tape Decks to TikTok - Thursday 2 June

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Previous webinars

Get inspired, view more previous webinars in the JCU Webinar Series.

JCU Year 12 Webinar

Want to hear about what student life is really like at JCU and how to make the transition from high school to uni as easy as possible? Then this JCU Year 12 Webinar is the perfect opportunity for you.

  • Hear from current JCU students about their move from school to uni, and their top tips for first years
  • Learn about student life including the vast range of clubs, social activities and societies at JCU (and how to balance life and study)
  • Discover what it’s like to live on-campus with other students from around Australia

QTAC Information Webinar

Thinking about your QTAC application? Let QTAC answer your application questions with confidence.

If you or someone you know is finishing Year 12 this year and planning to move on to uni, watch our QTAC webinar for help to make this process as smooth as possible.

QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre) is a tertiary application service for Queensland universities, including JCU. It assesses student applications for JCU against our entry requirements and makes offers to successful applicants.

QTAC will provides information on:

  • Applying for tertiary study through QTAC including preference selection, entry requirements, ordering preferences, and pathways options to studying at uni
  • How QTAC calculates your ATAR and assesses other Year 12 qualifications and certificates
  • Special Admissions Schemes including the Educational Access Scheme and other adjustment factors
  • Important dates and deadlines and how to respond to offers when the time comes.

Our JCU Advisors also talk about what university life is really like and open the floor to questions at the end.

JCU Careers in Health

Check out this JCU Careers in Health webinar presented by Professor Richard Murray, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Tropical Health and Medicine, James Cook University.

Be inspired by the wide range of career options available in the human and animal healthcare industries.

If you are interested in JCU application-based programs (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, and Bachelor of Veterinary Science) this webinar also provides information to help you confidently complete your application, and provides insight into other course options you could select for your preferences.

For more information on the JCU Webinar Series or to submit topics of interest for future webinars, please contact us.