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Unmasking the ATAR System

Differentiate your QCE from your ATAR and your QTAC and discover your university options with JCU’s Unmasking the ATAR system webinar. Aimed at Year 10 students, parents, guardians and teachers, this webinar demystifies the university entry process and prep you with everything you need to know about subject selection, ATAR calculations and university applications.

Key topics:

  • Explore the role of the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre and how they can assist you in your university applications.
  • Break down the QCE system terminology, so you can understand what phrases like QCE, applied subjects, and summative courses mean, and how they’ll affect your studies.
  • Develop an overview of what your Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank means, how it is calculated and how it can assist you on a university pathway in Queensland.
  • Enter the exciting world of subject selection and discover how different subjects are graded and which subjects cannot be studied together.
  • Gain an understanding of subject scaling, and how it assists the ATAR calculation process.
  • Learn how to access your ATAR, and what a QTAC application looks like.
  • Understand the importance of subject prerequisites for certain university courses, and how to see if your ideal course has one. Gain a clear picture of your pathway forward and allow JCU to debunk some of the pervasive myths around Year 11 and 12, ATAR and university applications.

JCU Careers in Health

Explore your passion for a career within the human or animal healthcare industries with our upcoming webinar. Gain a deeper understanding of available career options, study pathways and more, with JCU advisors available to answer all your questions about our application-based programs, including the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, and Bachelor of Veterinary Science. Emerge from this webinar with the information you require to confidently complete your JCU application, and with further insight into the available course options for preference selection

Pathways Webinar

Pursue the best path for you to study at JCU.

No ATAR? No problem.

Whether it’s been a few years since you finished school or you need a few more qualifications to meet the entry requirements for your chosen degree, there are plenty of options available for you to get into JCU. Even the experience you gained through life and work may make you eligible for certain degrees.

We can also help if you’re currently in Year 12 but aren’t on track to get the ATAR you were hoping for or haven’t undertaken the subject prerequisites of your chosen degree.

No matter your background, JCU has pathways to help you pursue your future career.

We explore the different study options and support services available, application processes, course credits and much more.

For more information on the JCU Webinar Series or to submit topics of interest for future webinars, please contact us.