Safe Work Month

October 2017

Safe work month is part of a national event that encourages all working Queenslander's to get involved with safety to help reduce the incidence of death, injury and disease in the workplace.

Everyone in the workplace has a part to play in reducing the risk of injury, illness and death in a workplace.  Tragically, around 17 Queenslander's die each year as a result of traumatic workplace incidents, and over 5000 suffer a permanent injury. These deaths and injuries carry with them a devastating and personal impact on workers and their families, with a significant financial cost to the Queensland community.

Safe Work Month is the perfect time to remind people how they can continue to make the workplace safer.

This year’s theme for National Safe Work Month is ‘’sharing safety knowledge and experience, benefits everyone’’. Sharing your knowledge and experience is vital in managing safety and risk in the workplace. It encourages discussion and involvement, which in turn encourages an overall proactive and positive approach to safety within the workplace.  Speak up in our workplace if things aren’t being conducted safely, is there a better way to do something?  Look after yourself and your mates in the workplace.

Health and Wellbeing

Examples of positive safety culture in the workplace

  • Communication occurs openly between members of the workforce and management
  • Communication and sharing of knowledge is encouraged
  • Engage and own safety responsibilities and accountabilities
  • The safety system is informed by the workforce, not designed and enforced only by management

For further reading: guide understanding safety culture

Why get involved

  • It shows a commitment to safety and health in your workplace
  • it provides an opportunity to raise safety issues and solutions
  • it is an opportunity to increase your workplace's knowledge of safety and health

Activity ideas for your work area

  • Show safety in action
  • Check for hazards in the workplace
  • Review risk assessments and other safety documentation
  • Do some housekeeping to tidy work areas
  • Spread the word about safety
  • invite a HSE Unit member or HSR  to attend a staff meeting

Education and Training

  • Invite a HSE unit member to hold a training or information session
  • Hold a tool box talk with your work team
  • Attend or refresh your HSE training offered by the HSE Unit

Statistics from Work Safe Australia

  • Accommodation Industry: 3 workers killed each year
  • Agriculture Industry: 40 workers killed each year
  • Construction Industry: 31 workers killed each year
  • Public Administration and Safety Industry: 8 workers killed each year
  • Road Transport Industry: 42 workers killed each year
  • Manufacturing Industry: 14 workers killed each year
Last year there were 40 more people than the average that died in Australian workplaces:
  • Total Deaths at work in Australia in 2016 = 178
  • Deaths at work January 2016-28th August 2016 = 113
  • Deaths at work January 2017 –28th August 2017 = 115
Work Safe Australia statics reference