Planning for your future 5 ways university is different to school – in a good way

5 ways university is different to school – in a good way

#1. You can study more of what you enjoy

In high school you do get to choose some of your subjects, but at university you have the freedom to choose your whole degree.

Passionate about law and justice? With a Bachelor of Laws you could be studying human rights, criminal law, or even maritime law.

For the fitness fanatics, the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science is a winner. The course focuses on practical learning where you’ll even have the opportunity to provide personal training to members of the community.

The Bachelor of Arts has majors (your main focus) such as design, languages, history, and psychology. This is a great option to explore a variety of different subjects especially if you’re not too sure what career path you want to go down yet.

#2. You could travel the world

At university you can travel overseas while you study* – it’s the best of both worlds.

Spend half a year in Europe learning English rhyming slang with the locals, or have a snowy winter study break with your classmates in America.

As well as seeing an amazing new country and experiencing a different culture, you’ll build key skills that employers value such as time management, adaptability and communication.

*While travel during COVID-19 is restricted, international borders will be opening soon.

#3. You get practical experience

You might have had the chance to complete work experience during high school and uni takes this to the next level.

Depending on your course you might be taking part in practical placements or projects at local business, schools, hospitals, or in other real-world settings.

Experiences like this ensure your course is preparing you for success when you enter the workforce so you’re one step ahead of the rest.

#4. You get to meet like-minded people

At school, you’re placed into classes with people the same age as you. But at university, your classmates have similar interests and career goals to you. They might be friends of yours - or people who have flown halfway around the world to study in Australia. This is an awesome time to expand your horizons and find a crew of mates for life.

Making new friends is easy with heaps of university clubs, events and groups to choose from. Here you can let your hair down with new people who love the same things you do.

#5. You can choose the path that best suits you

Want to earn money while studying? Uni lectures and tutorials (small discussion groups) are different each day. This makes it possible to balance your part-time job with your studies. Some subjects are offered online, which gives you more flexibility with your schedule.

If you have multiple interests you can even choose two different study areas, like arts and science, and complete a joint degree. A win-win if you’re torn between two interests.

At university you have the freedom to fit study into your life and work towards the career you’ve always dreamed of.