How many days do we need to be at the reef to complete a Classroom on the Reef Unit? How much will it cost?

The length of your trip to the reef can vary from 2 days to 1 or 2 weeks depending on time and resources. Classroom on the Reef staff can help cater a program for you which will maximise your ability to meet syllabus requirements while at the reef, while being mindful of time restrictions for such a trip. For example, some sections from each Unit can be completed in your regular classroom at school and will work towards preparing your students for their trip to the reef, or you can plan to complete an entire Unit (and more!) while at the reef for a completely immersive experience. See the sample reef trip itineraries in the tables below for examples and approximate per person costings.

How can we enquire about availability?

Please visit the website of Orpheus Island Research Station for more information about planning your trip. When you’re ready to make a booking enquiry please contact Classroom on the Reef at and a staff member will be in contact with you soon.

Example Itineraries