Experience research and teaching on the Great Barrier Reef from a tropical island surrounded by pristine national park and coral reefs.

  • Comfortable self-contained shared accommodation sleeps up to 57 people
  • Fully air-conditioned 50-seat lecture facility, wet and dry laboratories and a library
  • Internet available free of charge
  • Diving, Snorkeling and Boating facilities


Coral reefs and eucalypt forests

Experience the Great Barrier Reef from a tropical island surrounded by 1,300 hectares of pristine national park and coral reefs. At around 11km long and 1km wide, the completely vehicle-free island offers an unspoilt encounter with iconic Australian eucalypt forests, beautiful bushwalks and scenic lookouts.

  • Comfortable self-contained accommodation sleeps up to 57 people
  • Fully air-conditioned 50-seat lecture facility, wet and dry laboratories and a library
  • Super-fast broadband internet available free of charge
  • Walking and snorkelling at your door step
  • Snorkel  gear available and more sunscreen and insect repellent than you can poke a stick at


Marine, estuarine, and terrestrial ecosystems

Orpheus Island offers an embarrassment of riches to marine, estuarine, and terrestrial research. Researchers visit the Station to study the well-developed fringing and mid-shelf reefs, mangroves, hundreds of species of fish and corals, sponges, and the eucalypt forests that dominate the island’s inland regions. Our lab and research facilities include:

  • State-of-the-art saltwater systems
  • Larval and algal research facilities
  • Temperature controlled rooms with access to heated seawater, chilled seawater, filtered seawater, raw seawater & air reticulation
  • Dry lab for microscopic analysis of specimens, chemical preparation/use and data input
  • Wet lab for animal/plant dissections, sorting of samples and use of formalin and preserving alcohol
  • 50-seat air-conditioned lecture theatre


Orpheus Island is for you

We cater for school groups, university classes and collaborating research institutions.

  • Field trips for secondary students
  • Snorkeling and walking trips to suit your needs with a full suite of snorkeling gear
  • Bring your school group to watch our scientists at work or create your own research project to conduct at the Station
  • Get up close and personal with 3,000 giant clams in the clam garden just metres from the Station’s doorstep
  • Evenings are for spotlighting: find green tree frogs, carpet pythons, and even bandicoots all living in and around the Station

Classroom on the Reef

A world-class facility where students make a difference learning about the reef, climate change, and environmental impacts like rising sea levels.


Accommodation and work areas

The Orpheus Island Research Station is available to educators, researchers, and students. Get away from it all without sacrificing modern comforts.

  • Dormitory accommodation with communal entertainment areas for for up to 60 people
  • Communal commercial kitchens, two large outdoor BBQs and hammocks available for all guests
  • Bathroom and shower facilities
  • Wet and dry laboratories
  • Wifi internet at no extra charge
  • Wet and dry labs, saltwater systems, temp controlled labs for research

Location and Contact

  • Call us on 07 4781 3480 If calling internationally, dial +61747813480
  • orpheus@jcu.edu.au
  • Facebook link find us on Facebook
  • Twitter account @jcuoirs on Twitter
  • VHF channels 72 or 16
  • Orpheus Island Research Station
    28 Lannercost Street,  Ingham, QLD, 4850, Australia

  • Our pick-up point is located at 1 Denny Street, Dungeness. Our catamaran the Challenger IV will ferry you from Lucinda, Queensland, in just 45 mins.

Take a tour of Orpheus Island Research Station

situated on beautiful Pioneer Bay