JCU NOW is for high achieving Year 11 and Year 12 students who want to be ready today for tomorrow by studying first year university subjects alongside high school subjects.

Available subjects

Introductory Marine Science

Learn about the world below the waves. You will explore the study of tropical marine science including the biology, chemistry, geology and physics of the ocean.

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Engineering 1

Be introduced to a career as an engineer. Learn how to apply engineering methods to the problem solving process.

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Introduction to Management

How can you be an effective leader in business? Explore concepts including sustainability, culture, decision making, leadership and ethics and how these apply to the business world.

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Marketing Matters

How can you inspire an audience to take action? Explore how to identify products and services with value, define your audience, and communicate your ideas to build effective marketing strategies.

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Legal Institutions and Processes

Explore the Australian legal system. Learn the processes by which Australian law is made, the key institutions and principles of public law and how these apply to government.

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Educational Psychology Learners and Learning

How can teachers support students through the different phases of growth and development? Explore children’s growth and development from birth to age 18 and how to navigate the complexities of these stages as a pre-service teacher.

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Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Learn about optimal nutrition for exercise performance and health including things like nutrition categories and values for food, hydration and electrolyte balance and more.

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Lifespan Development for Health

What is lifespan development? Explore the physical, cognitive and psychosocial stages of human development from birth to death.

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Physical Activity for Health

How does physical activity impact our health and development? Explore the relationships between physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health as well as the linkages to chronic disease and overall health and development.

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Successfully completed JCU NOW subjects may contribute to your QCE. Each subject could give you two credit points.

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By studying JCU subjects now, you could have fewer subjects to complete to get your final degree.

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Your first JCU NOW subject is free and extra subjects are discounted, saving you money on the cost of your degree.

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Successful completion of JCU NOW subjects may give you entry into a JCU degree. Subject prerequisites may still be required.

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