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The JCU Future Students Team are your number one point of contact for school engagement enquiries. JCU offers a variety of programs and engagement activities for school students. Our team deliver presentations and activities at school and on campus, including custom programs focused on a student first approach.

Email the team to book a visit to your school or enquire about our programs.

All enquiries: futurestudents@jcu.edu.au

Cairns: 07 4232 1785

Mackay: 07 4965 5778

Rockhampton: 07 4848 5112

Townsville: 07 4781 4108

Contact the team by Campus Locations

Orr Thomason, Team Leader, Schools - E: orr.thomason@jcu.edu.au

Cameron Murphy, Future Students Advisor - E: cameron.murphy1@jcu.edu.au

Melinda Saw, Team Leader, Mature Students - E: melinda.saw@jcu.edu.au

Nancee Myles, Future Students Advisor - E: nancee.myles@jcu.edu.au

Larissa Burnett, Future Students Advisor - E: larissa.burnett@jcu.edu.au

Regina Blackburn, Manager, Future Students - E: regina.blackburn@jcu.edu.au

Claudia Pfoeffer, Future Students Advisor - E: claudia.pfoeffer@jcu.edu.au

Chelsea Ward, Future Students Advisor - E: chelsea.ward@jcu.edu.au