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Natural Resource Management Major



Major Code


Available in

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science – Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Science – Bachelor of Laws with Honours

Bachelor of Science with Honours – Bachelor of Laws with Honours

Credit point value

30 credit points

Other details


Core Subjects

Level 1

EA1110:03 Evolution of the Earth

EV1005:03 Environmental Processes and Global Change

Level 2

EV2003:03 Introduction to Environmental Economics

EV2401:03 Australian Landscape Processes and Evolution

EV2502:03 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Level 3

EV3002:03 Environmental Impact Assessment

EV3009:03 Foundations of Natural Resource Management


EA2006:03 Hydrology


EA2007:03 Applied Soil Science


Select 6 credit points of specified EA and EV level 3 subjects

EA3007:03 Field Studies in Tropical Water and Soil Science

EV3018:03 Professional Vacation Placement

EV3200:03 Terrestrial Resource Management

EV3201:03 Managing Coastal and Marine Environments

EV3203:03 Conserving Marine Wildlife: Sea Mammals, Birds, Reptiles

EV3251:03 Environmental Impacts of Human Activities in Protected Areas

EV3252:03 Indigenous Environmental Management

EV3401:03 Coasts and Catchments: Geomorphology and Management

EV3407:03 Fire Science and Management for Northern Australia

EV3454:03 Natural Hazards

EV3601:03 Social Impact Assessment: Environmental Management

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