Off-Campus Students

Off-Campus Students

Regardless of where you live and what you do, we know you are looking for flexibility and convenience.

As an off-campus student you will enjoy the same access to support, resources and guidance as those studying on campus.

Getting started

Below you will find common questions regarding off-campus study. You can also download our Off-Campus Student Information Guide (PDF, 706 KB).

How does off-campus study work?

Off-campus study involves web-based learning resources and interaction with your lecturer via LearnJCU.

Depending on your subject content, LearnJCU will allow you to:

  • Download your subject outline and readings
  • Download podcasts and slideshows of lectures
  • Participate in weekly activities and questions
  • Engage in web based tutorials
  • Interact through online discussion boards
  • Interact with your lecturer
  • Access assessment due dates

What should I do when I receive my offer?

You need to follow the steps on our New Student website. The steps for new students are exactly the same whether you are an off-campus student or an on-campus student.

Don't forget to access our new student checklist on the New Students website. It includes essential information about online student accounts, ordering textbooks, using online resources, developing weekly planners and more.

Do I need a student ID card?

You will need your Student ID card if your subject has exams on campus, or if you intend on coming on campus during your studies to use facilities and services such as computer labs and the library.

You don't need an ID card to access off-campus library services. However, it's still a good idea to get an ID card even if you do not come on campus. You will receive discounted rates for public transport, cheap entry into some clubs and events, discounted rates for movies, and deals for computers at some stores.

How to obtain a Student ID card

How do I access the library services?

Journal articles and eBooks

All students can use the online library resources from home. This includes searching for eBooks and scholarly journal articles. Visit the library website for more information.

Borrowing books

Off-campus library services are available if you reside in Australia but live further than 50km from either the JCU Townsville or Cairns Campuses.

You will be able to search for books using Tropicat and further request for items by completing an online form.

Visit the off-campus library service page for more information.

What kinds of assessment will I have?

Your assessments may include participation in online discussion boards, essays and online exams (sometimes physical exams are conducted in a location close to the student).

Your assessment will vary for each subject and will be listed in your subject outline on LearnJCU.

Visit exams and results for more information about exams for external students.

How will JCU communicate with me?

University communication

All official communication regarding your enrolment is sent to your JCU email account. You must check your email regularly to ensure you don't miss anything important.

Subject communication

Your lecturer for each subject will post regular comments and announcement on LearnJCU. While you may not have opportunities to meet your lecturer face-to-face, you can contact them by phone, email or via LearnJCU if you need help. If you are having problems with an assignment or deadline, you should contact your lecturer directly by email.

What support is available?

Off-campus students have the same access to support services as on-campus students. Visit our support page for more information.

If you are a new student studying off-campus, you can also access assistance through the Student Mentor Program.

The JCU Student Association provides academic and welfare support for JCU remote and external students based in Townsville and Cairns. They have a Remote and External Student Officer, a newsletter for off-campus students – ‘The Rex’ and run the JCUSA Remote and External Students Facebook page.

During your studies

Students website

Off-campus students can access the same resources, guidance and support as on-campus students. You can find all student information on the Students website – from re-enrolling, financial information, assessment and exams, important dates, academic and personal support services and more. You can find the link to the Current Students website on the top of every JCU page.

Finding help

If you have a question, check out Ask Us – it’s a 24/7 online enquiry database with more than 1,000 commonly asked questions. The system has information on enrolments, support services, academic help, fees, scholarships, social events, calendars, IT support – everything!

If you can't find your question on Ask Us, email the Student Centre. The staff will be able to help you with all of your questions.