Current Students Assessment and results

Assessment and results

At JCU, you will need to complete assessment items for all or part of your study.

Here you will be guided through the information you will need regarding your Assessments, Examinations and Results and includes additional support information.

If your subject indicates that you have a Formal/end of semester examination, it is important that you familiarise yourself with all aspects of examinations.

Please refer to Formal Examinations and make sure you familiarise yourself with all information regarding your exams.

Helpful Resources

If you are studying with a documented disability, injury, illness, short or long-term health condition, including learning disabilities and mental health conditions, you can register with JCU’s AccessAbility Services.

Please contact JCU’s AccessAbility Services as early as possible before to discuss your needs.

Formal End of Semester exams

Please be aware that if any changes to already agreed reasonable adjustments are required for an Examination Period or a new adjustment is required unexpectedly, a request must be submitted at least 15 university working days prior to the start of a formal Examination Period.  Adjustments will then be assessed on an individual basis and if adjustments cannot be accommodated at that time a deferred examination may be required.  All other adjustments will be automatically applied during the formal exam period.

Additional AccessAbility Processes:

Throughout the study period or trimester, your subjects may require you to complete a variety of assessment pieces. Details and due dates will be included in your Subject Outline, available on LearnJCU. If you have any questions regarding your assessment, it is recommended you contact your Subject Coordinator, Lecturer, or Tutor for clarification. JCU’s Learning Centre and Learning Advisors are also able to assist with your assessment questions.

Learn more on Assessment Methods to understand what may be required of you throughout your study.

JCU students also have access to after-hours online study support through Studiosity, which provides personalised, live, online help from a trained network of Studiosity advisors. Access to Studiosity is available via your Subject Site in LearnJCU.

Your final subject results will be released in accordance with the Results Publication date for Study Period/Trimester as per the Academic Calendar. Any result that is advised to you prior to the Results Publication date will not be an official result until it is published in your eStudent account.

Helpful Resources

The Academic performance information web page will guide you through information regarding your Academic Status, Academic Performance notices and includes additional support information.

It is important that you read your timetable which will advise if you are allowed to take any materials into an examination room.  Please refer to Exam Rules and Expectations for further information.

All JCU students must behave ethically and honestly when completing assessments, even if you are sitting your exam at home in LearnJCU. If you are found to have committed misconduct such as plagiarism or cheating, you may face serious penalties including expulsion from your course.

Helpful Resources

The maximum time permitted means the time allowance for a student to meet the Award requirements as articulated in the Course and Subject Handbook, or in the case of International Students, the expected course duration specified on their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

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