COVID-19 Advice for the JCU Community - Last updated: 21 January 2022, 8am (AEST)

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Assessment and results

At JCU, you will need to complete assessment items for all or part of your study.  This website will guide you through the changes and link you to the support pages to find out information about how your assessment (including formal examinations) will be presented to you, and how to apply for special consideration for any short-term and/or unforeseen circumstances that substantially affect your ability to complete an assessment item.

Throughout the study period, your subjects may require you to complete a variety of assessment pieces. Details and due dates will be included in your Subject Outline, available on LearnJCU. If you have any questions regarding your assessment, it is recommended you contact your Subject Coordinator, Lecturer, or Tutor for clarification. JCU’s Learning Centre and Learning Advisors as also able to assist with your assessment questions.

Learn more on Assessment Methods to understand what may be required of you throughout your study.

JCU students also have access to after-hours online study support through Studiosity, which provides personalised, live, online help from a trained network of Studiosity advisors. Access to Studiosity is available via your Subject Site in LearnJCU.

Please review the information below with regard to the delivery of your exams

  • The formal exam period for Teaching Period 1 and 2, 2021 will deliver a combination of on campus and/or online exams, your timetable will provide specific information regarding which exam type you will be sitting.
  • An Assignment which will be run under exam conditions may be included in your timetable to prevent clashes with other exams.

Your exam timetable for Study Period 1 and Study Period 2 will be released 5 weeks before the first day of exams and you may receive additional communication from your subject coordinator. You are expected to sit formal exams, or any supplementary or deferred exams, on your home campus.

Formal exams will be run in accordance with any restrictions as required due to COVID 19.

Speak to your lecturer as early as possible if you are or expect to experience difficulties.

Please refer to the Examinations Procedures (which came into effect 1 January 2021)

Exam Information and timetables
Exam rules and expectations
Tips for exam success
Deferring exams or applying for special consideration
Special requirements in exams

All JCU students must behave ethically and honestly when completing assessments. If you are found to have committed misconduct such as plagiarism or cheating, you may face serious penalties including expulsion from your course.

Student academic misconduct