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Campus Master Plans

The 2019 Cairns master plan will;

  • Engage with and mobilise the campus ambassadors (students and staff)
  • Advance the vision for the campus
  • Re-purpose what has been done before and develop it for what is appropriate now
  • Establish a campus planning framework
  • Identify development parcel opportunities
  • Provide a road-map for the development of the campus

JCU's Townsville Campus Master Plan 2017 embraces the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century and envisions a lively and vibrant urban campus that sits elegantly in its natural environment. To see a video, concept illustrations and the Plan visit the Townsville Master Plan page.

Major Project Information

Sport Precinct Concept

SSAF - E Sport

SSAF - Eddie Koiki Mabo Library Indoor Peer to Peer Space

SSAF - Health Precinct Peer Space

SSAF - Cairns Outdoor Peer Space

Technology Innovation Complex (TIC)

TTH Clinical School

Cairns Master Plan

OIRS Accommodation

Building 029 - JCU College

ICT Conduit Infrastructure

A11 - JCU College Refurbishment

Residential Sub-Division

Building 102 = Anatomy Lab Mechanical Review

Burketown Remote Location Housing

Central Plaza

Building 004 Communication Room

Building 039 Communication Room

JCU Ideas Lab

Building 086 - Medium Animal House Refurbishment

Building 142 - Histology Laboratory

Cairns AITHM

Cairns Student Accommodation

OIRS PV Solution


    Cairns Secondary College

    H&K Master Plan

    Townsville Campus Renewal

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