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A scholarship is a great way to make the most of your student experience, meet people to build your professional network, and enjoy greater financial freedom. If you've got the passion and drive, or are just looking for a bit of help, we've got the scholarship to match your circumstances.

With over fifty scholarships available, some up to the value of $40,000, covering everything from study area scholarships to financial help for students who live in regional, rural or remote areas, have a disability, or identify as Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, find a scholarship applicable to you.

Why wait? Apply today and enjoy the academic and financial support that a JCU scholarship brings.
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Learn How JCU Scholarships Can Help You to Achieve Your Degree

No matter your career aspirations, most roles will require a Bachelor’s Degree at a minimum. Although a necessity when embarking on your career pathway, obtaining a degree can be expensive. The enrolment fees, the cost of living while you are studying, not to mention the materials and resources that you need to buy can soon add up to tens of thousands of dollars. But the cost of university shouldn’t put you off achieving your dream career. With a selection of uni scholarships available at James Cook University, you are able to obtain your degree for a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Uni Scholarships in Queensland

A scholarship is financial aid that is provided to help students pay for a degree. Unlike a loan, this funding does not have to be paid back and has a huge effect on those studying in Australia. Higher education can be a costly pathway so anything that alleviates some of the financial pressure is beneficial.

When you obtain a James Cook University scholarship, you could benefit from:

  • Full tuition fees being covered
  • Bursaries to assist with materials and resources
  • Additional funding such as merits and grants
  • Funding each year for your entire course

… and much more.

Rest assured that scholarships are not only available to a certain number of individuals. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria for JCU scholarships, you could be chosen to receive one. Don’t compare yourself to your peers; simply focus on yourself and your strengths upon application. You have to be in it to win it.

Discover a Diverse Range of University Scholarships at JCU

At James Cook University, there are scholarships for all. Whether you are in your first year of university in need of access funding or completing a Postgraduate Degree, JCU has a scholarship that you’d be eligible to apply for. No matter your study area, if your degree falls under the College of Arts, Society and Education, the College of Medicine and Dentistry, the College of Science and Engineering or other, there’ll be a scholarship for you. James Cook University focuses on equal opportunities and ensures that every student has the chance to be awarded a scholarship.

Following your dreams shouldn’t be a struggle. Don’t let the price of a degree or the cost of undertaking a piece of research put you off. With a diverse range of funding available, why not speak to JCU to understand what options you have?

Preparation is Key When Applying for University Scholarships In Queensland

When applying for your JCU scholarship, it is essential to take your time and focus on your strengths. Explore your options, check your eligibility and tailor your written statement accordingly. With over 50 scholarships available and no limit on the number you can apply for, why not go for them all? Get in touch today to browse the university scholarships available at James Cook University and check out the JCU application tips for advice on applying.
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